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Electronics Design & Manufacturing

At Righill, we specialize in providing complete Electronics Design Services & Electronics Manufacturing Services for different types of Industrial and Commercial Products.



Our highly experienced design staff regularly engages in customized electronics design of Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal Embedded Systems.




In addition to captive use in our products, we have successfully executed number of design projects for our esteemed customers.

We follow stringent quality management and quality assurance processes in all the stages of electronics design, from schematic capture all the way to assembled and tested multi layer PCBs. Righill's Electronics Manufacturing Services span the entire gamut of activities such as:

  1. Circuit Design (Analog, Digital, Mixed-Signal).
  2. Schematic Capture.
  3. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design (SS, DS, Multi-Layer, MC).
  4. Panel Design (2D & 3D Design of Panels as part of final Product development).
  5. Manufacturing Plots Generation.
  6. BOM Generation.
  7. PCB Fabrication (through our trusted sub vendors).
  8. Component Sourcing & Procurement.
  9. Component Assembly.
  10. Soldering of Through Hole and SMD (Surface Mounted Devices).
  11. Automatic Wave Soldering of Through Hole Components.
  12. Design and Development of Embedded Software (MCU + HMI).
  13. Testing.
  14. Panelization (If Required).
  15. Delivery of Finished Products.

The Design process is carried out in accordance with Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testability (DFT) constraints, keeping in view the unique requirements of each Industry and User base.

Using our unique "Milestones Approach", we actively engage with the customers from the stage of requirement collection and keep the customer regularly posted on design development, all the way to final Testing of the PCB.

A 4-Layer PCB designed by us. Contains various different types of components (through hole and Surface Mounted)


Our long association with reputed PCB manufacturers coupled with our in-house design expertise translates into high quality electronics products delivered in a time bound manner.

Following are some of our circuit board products :
- AC Module main PCB
- AC module aux PCB
- AC Module Fault Annunciation PCB
- Current Demodulator PCB
- Generator Voltage Exciter PCB
- DC Module main PCB
- DC Module aux PCB
- Power Limit Control PCB
- Voltage & Current Feedback PCBs
- Driller's console PCB
- Ground Fault Detector PCB
- Eddy Current Brake PWM controller PCB
- Eddy Current Brake timer PCB
- Drill Assist PCB
- SCR Interface PCB
- Signal Switcher PCB
- Logic Indicator PCBs
- Intrinsically Safe Push Button control PCB
- Dynamic Brake PCB
- DC Contactor Supply Auctioneering PCB
- SCR Blower Control PCB
- MCU Breakout PCB



An HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an system with Display capabilities, in addition to significant computing and communication facilities. Having an HMI enhances the User Experience of the Product and turns an everyday product into a Smart one.

A famous adage in the UX world says, "The User Interface is the Product". This is evident from the plethora of products in the market, which have now graduated from only having LED displays to having complete HMIs for User interaction. Having a Touch Screen HMI further enhances the aesthetic feel of any Embedded Product and also simplifies the Paneling requirements, since there are no separate cut outs required for tactile or feather touch switches etc.




Righill specializes in development of customized Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications using high quality Touch based Screens (3.5", 4.3", 5", 7", 10"...). Depending on the unique requirements of a project, we assist our customers in making the best  HMI form-factor choice. This includes everything from bare bones PCB based displays all the way to Industrial PCs. Once an HMI size and type has been chosen, we go through the entire Design process involving Hardware Board Design and Software Design of the HMI. Apart from the hard technical requirements, we also consider the environment in which the HMI must operate, 24x7.  We can design and develop an aesthetically pleasing and highly effective HMI for You.


Beyond the Design & Manufacturing process, we also actively engage with the Customer in associated activities such as:

  1. Conversion of physical design documents into Computer based formats.
  2. Creation of Wiring Jigs & Harnesses for Production Wiring of the PCBs
  3. Creation of Customer Support Collateral such as Operation Manuals, Data Sheets, Troubleshooting Guides etc.

Needless to say, all products developed by Righill Electrics, are supported by our highly acclaimed Electronics Repairing Service, which is available directly through Righill Electrics.


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