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Righill Power Control Rooms are customized

offerings complete with Generator panels

MCC, Roof-Top Airconditioning, Transformers

Plug-Socket arrangements.

SCR / VFD panels, PLC & HMI Panels

The PCR provides an integrated solution for all Power needs on a Land Drilling Rig.

Righill's offering of Generator, SCR and Feeder

panels for OffShore installations.

Panels include all control, instrumentation & switchgear.

Righill's DC contactor, rated to

1250A, 1000V DC, continuous duty @ 45 C ambient temperature

1000A 1000V DC, intermittent duty @ 50 C ambient temperature

SCR and Generator

assemblies available with

Righill make Modules

& Digital Modules

Electronics Design Services.

Multi-Domain Embedded

Systems Development.

Facilities for Design, Assembly,

Test & Repair.

Great partnerships with leading

PCB manufacturers.

Contact us for your customized electronics design & manufacturing needs !!

Various Consoles

with PLC control and

fiber optic connections

for flawless communication and accurate operation in noisy environments.

We manufacture customized and standard Motor Control Centers, Distribution Boards, Power Control Centers and Power Control Room houses.

Extensive Range of Power Plug Sockets

Best Suited for Both Onshore &

Offshore Drilling Applications

Range starts from 16 amps 4 pole

through 250Amp 4 pole 500vac &

1000 Amps 750VAC Single Pole Plug & Sockets

Automatic Emergency Lights.

High Quality LED modules,

with High Reliability LED Drivers

resulting in a very dependable solution.

Integrated lamp Selection option.

Upto 14 hours backup on single lamp !!

Upto 7 hours backup on dual lamps !!

SCR Drive & VFD Systems

Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning services for SCR Drive and VFD Systems with prompt after sales support. We have a strong focus on built-in ... ...

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System Upgrades & Repairs

Expertize in Repairs, Refurbishments & System upgradation of old systems to prolong their working life. We have more than 15 years experience in this area ...

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OilRig Electrics Consultation

From FEED services to carrying out procuring, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and preventive maintenance. Righill can provide you with the most suitable ...

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Spare Parts

Foot Throttles, Hand Throttles, Mud-Pump Consoles, Plugs & Receptacles, DC Assignment Contactors, Reversers, Control PCBs, and more. ...

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We are an ISO 9001:2008 Company