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Our Story

Righill Electrics commenced its operations by import substitution of major parts used in SCR Systems in Oil Well Drilling Rigs in India. Within 3 years of its birth, the company was able to establish streamlined manufacturing and supply of all major electrical components used in Oil Rigs such as AC & DC Electronic Control Modules, PCBs, Driller’s Consoles, DC Contactors, Foot & Hand Throttles, Switches, MCC boxes, Plugs & Sockets (up to 1000Amps), Transformers, spare parts for Drilling Motors, spare parts for Alternators, & EC Brake Controls.

Our Facilities

Major facilities at Righill Includes:


a.     Machining and Fabrication facilities for sheet metal products.

b.     Molding and Pressing for thermo-plastics and thermo-setting plastics.

c.     Tool rooms for mechanical assemblies.

d.     Captive Powder-Coating plant with capacity of about 50 sq. meters a day.

e.     Laser Cutting Machine for accurate cutting of sheet metal.

Electrical and Electronics:

a.      Electronics assembly rooms for design and development of electronic control systems.

b.      Automatic Wave Soldering machine for large volume PCB jobs.

c.      Simulators and Bench Testing equipment for functional and behavioral testing of Righill           Electronic Controllers.

d.      PLC based automation and embedded systems development team.

e.      In-house design and development of embedded software.

f.     1.  Facility for Full Load Testing of SCR System.

2.  Testing facilities for High Voltage breakdown of insulation.


5/1,2 & 3, Sector-H, Industrial Area,
Govindpura, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh – 462023 INDIA


[email protected][email protected]

Working Hours

Mon – Sat 8.30 – 5.30

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