Control PCBs

Control Boards (PCBs) for Oil Drilling Rigs

Righill has been instrumental in bringing to its customers, high quality and high reliability products. Righill being an end-to-end Control Systems supplier to the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry supplies all the different types of Control PCBs required aboard Electric Drilling Rigs.

Our PCBs are built to high standards of quality and workmanship. Every single PCB undergoes multiple Test and Verification rounds at each stage of production viz. Bare Board Inspections, Component Testing, Component insertion tests, Wave Soldering and Hand Soldering tests, Functional and Burn-in Tests on production. All PCBs are conformally coated with high standard coating to ensure trouble free long life. Each PCB also has multiple test-hooks built in so as to simply its troubleshooting at the customer end or in our labs.

The PCBs available with us include :
1. AC Module main PCB
2. AC module aux PCB
3. AC Module Fault Annunciation PCB
3. Generator Voltage Exciter PCB
4. DC Module main PCB
5. DC Module aux PCB
6. Voltage Feedback PCBs (Isolated and Non-Isolated)
7. SCR Auxiliary / DC Slide PCB
8. Auctioneering PCB
9. Sprocket Slip Detection PCB
10. Synchro-Check PCB
11. Power Limit Control PCB
12. Ground Fault Detection PCB
13. Field Supply Regulator PCB.
14. Logic Indicator PCB
15. Driller’s Console PCB
16. Signal Switcher PCB
17. SCR Interface PCB
18. Aux Motor Control PCB.
19. SCR Blower Control PCB.
20. DC Contactor Auctioneering PCB
21. Eddy Current Brake, Control Board.
22. Eddy Current Brake, Over Current Protection PCB.
23. Eddy Current Brake, Drill Assist PCB.
24. Eddy Current Brake, SCR based Control PCB (includes Current Limit and Drill Assist functions)


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