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Custom Electronics Design

dcd_routed_small2Righill specializes in customized electronics design of Analog, Digital & Mixed Signal Embedded Systems, with prime focus on Power Electronics and Control System design.

In addition to the captive use in our products, Righill has successfully executed number of design projects for its esteemed customers.

Righill follows stringent quality processes in all the stages of electronics design, from schematic capture all the way to assembled and tested multi layer PCBs.



Righill personnel routinely work on various areas of electronics design such as Schematic Capture, Board Design, Component Assembly, Hand soldering of Through Hole and SMD (Surface Mounted Device) components, in-house Automatic Wave Soldering, Embedded Software development and Testing.

Our long association with reputed PCB manufacturers coupled with our in-house design expertise translates into high quality electronics products delivered in a time bound manner.



Following are some of our circuit board products :
- AC Module main PCB
- AC module aux PCB
- AC Module Fault Annunciation PCB
- Current Demodulator PCB
- Generator Voltage Exciter PCB
- DC Module main PCB
- DC Module aux PCB
- Power Limit Control PCB
- Voltage & Current Feedback PCBs
- Driller's console PCB
- Ground Fault Detector PCB
- Eddy Current Brake PWM controller PCB
- Eddy Current Brake timer PCB
- Drill Assist PCB
- SCR Interface PCB
- Signal Switcher PCB
- Logic Indicator PCBs
- Intrinsically Safe Push Button control PCB
- Dynamic Brake PCB
- DC Contactor Supply Auctioneering PCB
- SCR Blower Control PCB
- MCU Breakout PCB